About Us

FIT has some of the most experienced resource from within the collision industry. Having in depth experience across the global reach of collision markets, our knowledge has been able to develop some of the most advanced systems and processes.

At the core of our system is how we change the culture, behavior and attitudes normally associated with collision repair centers. Naturally we are able to include the key components of lean and theory of constraint principles. Although these elements are essential to any professional collision repair center, the thing most practitioners fail to sustain is how to ensure the people within the business embrace those practices. We confidently state our program is unique!

From the very beginning we set out with a vision to ensure that our program was going to deliver a measurable return on investment (ROI) and that it can be replicated and sustainable. Today, our program delivers a complete end-to-end ecosystem for business improvement.

Our Team

One of FIT's unique strengths is its members become part of the team. The members provide the support structure and and implementation of the process at each new members business. This allow for the most unique transfer and trust between members, each having gone through the process. From business owners, senior management and technicians, each play an active role in the mentoring and coaching of the newest member during implementation. So as FIT's membership grows, so does its teams strength lie in it's depth of capability.