FIT has created a Blueprint performance and analytics solution.

We recognize the complexity in today’s collision industry. FIT offers innovative software tools that provide meaningful data analytics to owners, general managers, and work staff while requiring very little effort on the shop’s part.

It is well known that the estimate is the most important element of the collision repair process, and yet it is the most commonly overlooked. Until now, shops could only guess whether their estimating methods were effective.

Now, FIT takes the guesswork out with our new concept: “Live Estimatics Calibration”.

FIT not only makes these critical measurements, but also presents them as actionable information. Our extensive in-shop experience has allowed us to select and display information useful for consistently improving shop performance.

FIT Portal – The Software Tools that power Live Estimatics Calibration

FIT Portal is our carefully crafted shop performance improvement system designed to support ongoing continuous improvement and sustainability. It includes software tools for calibrating accuracy of the final bill, and scoring both estimate and blueprint quality.

There is no uncertainty in the data that FIT Portal uses to analyze and score accuracy and performance. The data is not just entered by some person. FIT Portal automatically acquires the data directly from the estimating and management platforms specifically used by each shop. There is no human intervention needed, and therefore no human error either.

These tools help identify defects and trends that can cause delays in production and degrade customer satisfaction.

Our unique sustainable Live Estimatics Calibration can benefit both single and multiple locations of any size.