Better estimates
Fewer touches
Higher profits
Eliminate the stalls in your line and turn out quality repairs with data that helps you make faster, better decisions
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A Blueprint Performance & Analytic Solution
We built a tool to find improvements in your line from FNOL until the job is closed. Working with any estimating platform, REV pulls and analyzes your data, tells you what to fix, then scores and ranks your performance so you can track and compare your results.
Key Features
Identify problem areas that are keeping your shop from being as profitable as it can be
Get actionable recommendations that will improve your bottom line
View a meaningful depiction of your shop’s performance
REV uncovers each shop’s true accuracy through multiple measurements— from parts usage to estimate data—that are broken down inside the REV Limits section of our tool.
Parts & Materials
See alternative parts usage, repair versus replacement parts, and paint materials dollars.
Workmanship Efficacy
View ROs by size, total loss and supplements, and examine time spent from blueprint to vehicle out, touch hours, and estimate data.
In providing specific recommendations for mistakes and opportunities to optimize your intake process, REV Calibration helps you improve your efficiency.
Prescriptions for Improvement
Learn exactly what you need to do to fix the problems REV uncovered.
Process Enhancement
See how you can smooth out your intake process and drive better blueprinting.
Using your shop’s performance scores, REV generates powerful ranking and results that you can use for comparisons — to other shops, MSO, networks, franchises and 20 groups.
A Clear Picture
Review your results in tables and graphs and share them at continuous improvement meetings.
Industry Comparison
See how your shop matches up to others in an MSO or other shops of similar sizes or in comparable markets.
Why REV?
A new way to measure collision repair performance
REV makes it possible to create an accurate repair assessment — a final bill — at the pre-repair stage. Plus you can measure the effectiveness of the assessment, another way to improve performance quality.
Continuous improvement, predictable outcomes, higher profit
REV gives you data that gives you information and provides you with the knowledge you need to continuously improve, stand out from the competition, and succeed.
Fewer supplements, a cleaner process
Not even controlled chaos is an effective way for a body shop to operate. REV gives you tools to improve CSI, cycle time and profitability.
More efficiencies, less is overlooked at end of repairs
Reduce the stress of getting information too late in the process. REV helps you plan for perfect outcomes on every repair.
Business knowledge, body shop experience, technical expertise

Our team brings together decades of work in the collision industry, supply chain, and software development fields, brought to bear on a singular goal — providing actionable information and insights that will improve performance across the board.

Our insiders’ knowledge and experience in multiple facets of the collision industry prepared us to develop this incredible tool set.